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Third Man #Berlin Fotomarathon

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This photo is part of the Berlin Fotomarathon 2018, click here to know more about it and to see the whole series.

Topic #3:”Der dritte Mann – The third man”

Another touristic spot, but at least a bit of a connection to the historical motto. Unfortunately I was under a lot of time pressure and the two guys acting the American soldiers on Checkpoint Charlie didn’t want to help me quickly getting a picture the way I intended it. They are only used to tourists standing between them, saluting with American flags, smiling and posing in a touristy way.

Now I think I should and could have done a better picture for this topic differently, but I didn’t have time left to think more. There was a technically better photo under the few ones I shot but the soldier on the left made a very strange and rude pose with his hands as if he would shoot with pistols at the man on the right (who is the third man by the way). I was really angry that he ruined a good photo and that he came up with this stupid idea. That’s why I had to chose a just okay picture. I also could’t stand that long on that spot shooting photos since there are a lot of tourists waiting to get a picture with those to soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie.

The Third Man is actually a quite famous movie but I haven’t seen it and to link my photo to anything from the movie I didn’t have enough time to read about it and get familiar with the story.

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