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People of the World #Berlin Fotomarathon

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This photo is part of the Berlin Fotomarathon 2018, click here to know more about it and to see the whole series.

Topic #1:”Völker der Welt, schaut auf diese Stadt! – People of the World, look upon this city!”

The first photo had to include the starting number (which was 153 in my case). I must admit that I couldn’t find a good solution to let the number be part of the motive. This is a big drawback, because the actual idea of the photo is a successful interpretation of the topic. As you may see there is a balloon floating above – well, above this city. It is quite a famous attraction in Berlin and is sponsored by a newspaper called Die Welt – the world. I loved this picture before I desperately tried to include my number. Here is the one I would have loved to submit instead:


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