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Mini Fotomarathon

The Berlin Fotomarathon has a brother: The Mini Fotomarathon. While the big challenge is taking 12 photos for 12 topics in 12 hours, this smaller version requires only 6 photos in 4 hours. Yes, this means less time for each photo! But because of the reduction you don’t run out of energy and creativity before the challenge is finished.

Again the rules:

At the end of the day you have to submit exactly 6 photos – not more not less. The photos must be taken in the order specified –  there is time control and anti-manipulation software. No post-editing.

There is an overall theme, this time it was “Change”. It is recommended that you keep that theme in mind when you start taking photos for the particular topics. It is also recommended that the final series of 6 pictures has kind of a thread, so that the pictures are related to each other.

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