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Line #Berlin Fotomarathon

This photo is part of the Berlin Fotomarathon 2018, click here to know more about it and to see the whole series.

Topic #4:”Linientreue – Toeing the party line”

I love this photo. Maybe because anyway I like pictures of the feet section… But the is a photo you can sure discuss about, if it is connected to the topic or not. The difficulty here is that you can understand the topic in German completely different from the English translation. I didn’t really care for the English because German is my mother tongue. And reading Linientreue I focussed on lines and stayed with the literal meaning, with would be “loyalty to (the) line(s)”. The deeper (very deep) meaning of being loyal to the political party didn’t even come to my mind. So I stayed with the word line. And this came out of it. The line here is the one marking the way of the Berlin Wall (the writing Grenzmauer means “boundary wall”).

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