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Just go #Berlin Fotomarathon

This photo is part of the Berlin Fotomarathon 2018, click here to know more about it and to see the whole series.

Topic #8:”Geh doch nach drüben! – Just go over to the other side!”

The topic is a well known sentence used back in the time of the Inner German border. It was said mainly to West Germans criticizing something. By telling them to just go over to the other side they were reminded that the situation would be worse in East Germany which is meant as the other side. But also East Germans could hear that sentence in a derisive way if they spoke to open critically about politics.

I tried several snapshots, I didn’t really have a plan. Out of 3-4 tries with different  contents this was the best. I am still not sure if it is boring but okay or simple and actually good.

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