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Care Package #Berlin Fotomarathon

This photo is part of the Berlin Fotomarathon 2018, click here to know more about it and to see the whole series.

Topic #6:”Westpaket – Care package from the West”

This is by far my favorite photo of the whole series. The term Westpaket is well known to the most Germans. When Germany was divided, relatives from West Germany sent packages to East Germany to provide their family and friends with things that weren’t available (or were hard to get) in East Germany – and this applies to a lot of things starting from special clothes and bedclothes to sweets and coffee up to baking ingredients. When people are asked what things East Germans didn’t have or get easily at that time, most would say tropical fruits, above all bananas. The banana (maybe together with the orange) somehow became the symbol of austerity in East Germany. In other forums this is a highly discussed topic, but a lot of jokes about East and West Germany use a banana. Even though a banana would not be in such a package from the West, the link to the topic is super clear and in Germany definitely easy to understand. I am proud of that photo since it is creative, original, funny and simple at the same time.


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