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Photoshop Experimente

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Ein Sammelsurium von Photoshop Experimenten. Alle Elemente auf den Bildern sind von mir, auch bei Collagen habe ich nichts Fremdes eingebaut.  

Mini Fotomarathon

The Berlin Fotomarathon has a brother: The Mini Fotomarathon. While the big challenge is taking 12 photos for 12 topics in 12 hours, this smaller version requires only 6 photos in 4 hours. Yes, this means less time for each photo! But because of the reduction you don’t run out of energy and creativity before the challenge is finished. Again the rules: At the end of the day you have to submit… Weiterlesen »Mini Fotomarathon

Salt Pans

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Those salt pans can be seen in Marsaskala at the East coast of Malta. It seemed to me as one of the most fascinating and liberating coast-side places I’ve been to and supports my opinion, that Malta is clearly underappreciated!

Malta Churches

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I HAVE BEEN in Malta for half a year and had some time to explore the country. That is not such a hard job because the island is pretty small, but the most striking feature is the people’s catholic faith. 98% of the population is catholic, they say to have 365 churches, one for each day – if you include all the small chapels there are probably even more. MALTESE… Weiterlesen »Malta Churches