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Foto Projekte

Diese Kategorie enthält Bilder, die nicht alleine stehen können und im Kontext mit anderen Bildern oder anderen Kunstformen, z.B. Texten gesehen werden müssen. Ich habe sehr viele Projekte in Planung, die aktuell laufenden sind im Menü zu finden.

This category includes photos that are not supposed to stand single. They have to be viewed in a context either (mostly) with other photos or with another art form, mainly text.
There are a lot of photographic projects in my mind – find the momenarily ongoing ones in the menu!


Who doesn’t know how hard it is to be authentically in daily life?

Easter 2016

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Happy and Blessed Easter to everybody who is celebrating! And applause to everybody who got up for Easter Vigil in the early morning hours of Sunday!

Easter 2017

Spring lets her blue ribbon Flutter in the breeze again; Sweet, familiar scents Drift with promise o’er the land. Violets lie dreaming already, Soon to be awakened. —Listen, from afar the faint sound of a harp! Spring, it is you! I can hear you coming! Eduard Moerike (Translated by Charles L. Cingolani)