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Ostern 2020

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Mit meinem diesjährigen Osterbild wünsche ich allen von Herzen frohe und gesegnete Ostern! Dieses Video stellt die Karwoche von Palmsonntag bis Karsamstag da und beinhaltet Fotos aus meinem Archiv.

Easter 2016

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Happy and Blessed Easter to everybody who is celebrating! And applause to everybody who got up for Easter Vigil in the early morning hours of Sunday!

Easter 2017

Spring lets her blue ribbon Flutter in the breeze again; Sweet, familiar scents Drift with promise o’er the land. Violets lie dreaming already, Soon to be awakened. —Listen, from afar the faint sound of a harp! Spring, it is you! I can hear you coming! Eduard Moerike (Translated by Charles L. Cingolani)